2014 Pattern & The Golden Thread

Pattern & The Golden Thread is India Russell's fourth collection of poetry, set against the background of the ever-changing and renewing seasons, we gradually see the wonderful pattern and design of the natural world through which we glimpse other mysterious dimensions. Man's hubristic attitude to Nature is seen as a constant threat to this divine order but the golden thread remains unbroken, leading on towards the 'everlasting light'.

India Russell's often unsettling journey to the mysteries beyond time and geography has grace and charm and seems quite independent of poetic fashion [...] you feel her particular 'music' is perfect. — Piers Plowright Camden New Journal from a review of The Kaleidoscope of Time.


Photos from the Launch at Senate House Library, 15 July 2014

2013 Dante's Ghosts

Dante's Ghosts is a sequence of poems by Barbara Hardy inspired by Dante's Commedia. Illustrations by Kate Hardy.

Barbara Hardy, Emeritus Professor, Birkbeck, University of London, has published critical books on Victorian and modern literature (Athlone, Peter Owen, Continuum, Bloomsbury); a memoir and a novel (Peter Owen); Dorothea's Daughter and other Nineteenth-Century Postscripts, (Victorian Secrets); and poetry collections (Shoestring).

2012 Summer Visitors

Summer Visitors is a collection of poems by Janet El-Rayess.

Janet began work in the theatre as a stage hand and occasional actor. She lived and worked in Damascus for two and a half years, read English at Birkbeck, and became a member of the Birkbeck Poetry Workshop where she has received invaluable inspiration and criticism. She translates from Italian, writes short stories and novellas, and lives in London and Italy. She has had poems and translations published in The Cork Literary Review, Illuminations, Equinox, The Interpreter's House, and other magazines.

2012 Ovid's Echo

Ovid's Echo is a new collection of poems by Siân Thomas. The poems are based upon Ovid's Metamorphoses, translations in the broadest sense: new versions of some of the myths from Ovid's poem, itself a collection of older stories. Some myths retold in a contemporary setting; others as variations around the original story and some inspired by but not bearing a close relationship to the original.

Siân Thomas lives in East Sussex and holds a Masters degree in Creative Writing and Authorship from the University of Sussex. Her work has appeared in Agenda, The Daily Telegraph, The Rialto and Swamp, among other publications.

2012 The Slow Wheel

The latest poetry pamphlet is The Slow Wheel by Darius Victor Snieckus. He was born in Canada in 1967 and lives in England with his wife and two children. His poems have appeared in European, North American and Australian literary journals. He works as an energy journalist.


It is available now.

We are pleased to announce West End launch of our latest publications: The Slow Wheel by Darius Victor Sneickus, Euphrasy by Michael Shann and Homing In by Mo Gallaccio. There will be readings by the poets themselves plus some readings by members of The Forest Poets: Mike Sims.

Please join us at at 19:30 on 13th July 2012:

Poetry Café
22 Betterton Street
London WC2H 9BX


2012 Euphrasy

Michael Shann's new collection of poems: Euphrasy has finally been bound and is ready to ship!


Michael Shann has been writing poetry for over fifteen years. His poems have appeared in a wide range of poetry magazines and anthologies. Michael has also completed a novel, The Protesters, which draws on his experience of living and working in China.

Click here to buy your copy now!

2011 Poetry Trail Launch

On 1st September 2011, the Poetry Trail Anthology was launched at the Press.

Illustrated poems from 40 poets young and old, from beginner to experienced on display in the windows of Walthamstow Library and estate agents along Hoe Street during Walthamstow’s first Poetry Trail as part of the annual E17 Art Trail Festival, 2-11 September have been gathered together to make Home - An Anthology Bringing words and images together, poets participating in the trail include Forest Poets and pupils from two Walthamstow schools: Winns Primary School and Our Lady and St George’s Catholic Primary School.

The poems and illustrations celebrate the themes of “Home” and “Community” with a diverse range of creative responses and interpretations of those themes.

Photos from the launch on 1st September 2011


We are happy to consider submissions for small essentially unpublished collections, preferably by email to: . Submissions on paper are liable to get submerged under piles of other paper or mislaid and in any case will have to be scanned for further processing which can introduce errors.

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