Forthcoming Publications

Paekakariki Press has been very busy in its letterpress workshop producing the following titles which will be available from the dates shown. Those of you who are subscribed to our mailing list will receive news of our book launches and readings.

TitleCrow Dusk

MARK FLOYER spent his early childhood in Calcutta between the years 1957-63. He is a widely published poet and Calcutta and India appear in his verse, vividly imagined. His work has appeared in Muse India, The Irish Literary Review, Kavya Bharati, Poetry of the British Underground, The English Chicago Review and several other publications.


Finely tuned, yet sometimes fittingly fragmented, these imagistic poems evoke early childhood memories in sensuous, compelling language. —Stephanie Norgate, author of Hidden River and The Blue Den.

Crow Dusk remains with me both for its striking imagery and the co-ordinated music of the English, Bengali and Hindi. —Rajat Chaudhuri, author of Hotel Calcutta.

Written byMark Floyer
Illustrations byOlivia Floyer
Publication Date2017-09-01


E17 Art Trail 2017

19 June 2017

The Art Trail is over for another year! We opened our doors and welcomed old friends and new to the glimpse into printing history which is Paekakariki Press.

On sale was our latest publication To London by Michael Shann. This is in the same format as our successful Walthamstow and has poems about London places and people as well as delightful illustrations by Kirsten Schmidt.

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