Paekakariki Press - Library

A selection of publications held in the Typography and Printing Library of the Paekakariki Press.

Pub Year
0000463"Monotype" Caster Instruction BookThe Monotype Corporation Limited1935
0001267"Monotype" Caster Instruction BookThe Monotype Corporation Limited1946
0000928A Book of Ballads - K12Chatto & Windus1935
0001286A Book of TypefacesW. S. Cowell Ltd19529780571009367
0001211A Catalogue of Type Faces, Ornaments Borders RulesWalter Nash & Company Ltd1930
0000601A short list shewing Types and decorative Borders with stock blocks and Devices used by the Westerham PressWesterham Press1951
0000691A Specimen Book of Printing Typesthe Caxton Press1941
0001421A Specimen Book of Printing TypesCaxton Press1940
0001214AAUP Book Show 1979Association of American University Presses1979
0001024Adana Catalogue - No 204Adana (Printing Machines) Ltd.1969
0000581Adana Catalogue - No 308Adana Printing Machines Ltd1971
0000582Adana Catalogue - No 316Adana Printing Machines Ltd1979
0000583Adana Catalogue - No 420 - Printers' StationeryAdana Printing Machines Ltd1979
0000045Adobe Type 1 Font FormatAddison-Wesley Pub. Coc19909780201570441
0001245BodoniPillans & Wilson
0001095Book & Print in New ZealandVictoria University Press19979780864733313
0001277Book FountsT. & A. Constable Ltd[19--]
0001448Book Impositions, 1975British Printing Industries Federation[1975]
0001179Book Types From Clowes: A Specimen Book of Type FacesClowes1965 [
0001141British Book Design & ProductionNational Book League
0001140British Book ProductionNational Book League
0001422British Standard Specification[1962]
0000533CarrongroveArgyll Publishing20009781902831169
0001208Caslon Printing TypesH.W. Caslon Ltd1937
0001530Cassell's Latin DictionaryCassell19339780025225701
0001309Catalogue of An Exhibition of Books and Printed Ephemera From Twenty-eight contemporary private presses, [held] 3 December 1976 London Borough of Camden, Libraries and Arts Department19769780901389251
0001415Catalogue of the Edward Clark Library9780902703124
0001142Collected Papers On Acoustics. With A New Introd. By Frederick V. Hunt
0001447Copyfitting Tables for "monotype" & "monophoto" FacesMonotype Corp1970
0000752Cornerstone the boxes that are measured in emsHawthorne Baker1960
0001007Craft Tools of YesterdayPhoto Precision1974
0000233Dover Digital Design Source #11 Typographical Borders and Ornaments. The Unabridged Classic Enshede CatalogDover Publications20109780486482378
0000232Dover Digital Design Source #2 Decorative Initials And AlphabetsDover Publications20109780486990620
0001219Drukkeriei Enchedé Haarlem HollandEnchede1968
0001374Edward Lloyd and His World9780367206147
0001525Efficient RemeltingFry's Metal Foundries Ltd1950
0000896Esparto PaperN. Neame1956
0000993Estimating for PrintersBritish Federation of Master Printers1970
0001523Fifty Latin LyricsLongmans, Green[1955]
0001288Fine Print On TypeLund Humphries19899780853315438
0000661Fortunes Made in BusinessAmalgamated Press[1901,
0001419Highly Important Incunabula, Bibles, Early Greek Printing and Colour-plate Books From Beriah Botfield's Library1994
0001501Hints for the PressmanSchnellpressenfabrik1966
0001088Hodson's Booksellers, Publishers and Stationers Directory 1855Oxford Bibliographical Society19729780901420060
0000988Jan TschicholdThames & Hudson20089780500513989
0001212Jan TschicholdKunstgewerbemuseum1976
0001526Landfall 230: November 20159781927322529
0000198Landing : Eight Collaborative Projects Between Artists & GeographersRoyal Holloway20029780902194588
0001385Local Population Studies No. 1001968-
0001354London Magazine
0001054Loyal Subversion?9783525301678
0000145Mechanism And Operation of Modern LinotypesLinotype and Machinery1951
0000770Mechanism and Operation of Modern LinotypesLinotype and Machinery Limited1951
0001191Metaphysical Lyrics & Poems of the Seventeenth CenturyOxford University Press1959
0000695Modern Fine PrintingWilliam Andrews Clark Memorial Library, University of California1968
0000766Monotype Book of Information 1970Montoype Corporation1970
0001197Monotype Caster Instruction BookThe Monotype Corporation Limited1935
0001198Monotype Caster Instruction BookThe Lanston Monotype Corporation Limited1920
0001199Monotype Casting Machine ManualThe National Committee of Monotype Uers' Associations1952
0001272Monotype Casting Machine ManualThe National Committee of Monotype Uers' Associations1952
0001300Monotype Keyboard Adjustment BookMonotype Corporation[1953]
0001612New Book DesignLaurence King Pub20049781856693660
0001174New Hart's RulesOxford University Press2005
0001098Old Master Prints and DrawingsAmsterdam University Pressc19979789053562437
0000444Old-Time TransportationDover Publications, Inc19879780486995496
0001382Oxford Companion to Family and Local HistoryOxford University Press2008
0001396Oxford Companion to Family and Local HistoryOxford University Press1996
0000983Oxford Essential Arabic DictionaryOxford University Press20109780199561155
0001584Oxford Latin DictionaryLondon, Clarendon Press1968-
0001500Paper MakingThe Section1950
0000747Paper TerminologySpalding and Hodge Ltd
0001402Paper TerminologySpalding & Hodge[19--]
0000056Paper: Its Making, Merchanting and UsageNational Association of Paper Merchants[1965]
0001046Papers for the PeopleMerlin Press2005
0001488Parenthesis 20 - Spring 2011Fine Press Book Association1998-
0001489Parenthesis 21 - Autumn 2011Fine Press Book Association1998-
0001490Parenthesis 22 - Spring 2012Fine Press Book Association1998-
0001491Parenthesis 24 - Spring 2013Fine Press Book Association1998-
0001492Parenthesis 25 - Autumn 2013Fine Press Book Association1998-
0001487Parenthesis 26 - Spring 2014Fine Press Book Association1998-
0001481Parenthesis 27 - Autumn 2014Fine Press Book Association1998-
0001483Parenthesis 28 - Spring 2015Fine Press Book Association1998-
0001482Parenthesis 29 - Autumn 2015Fine Press Book Association1998-
0001484Parenthesis 30 - Spring 2016Fine Press Book Association1998-
0001485Parenthesis 32 - Spring 2017Fine Press Book Association1998-
0001486Parenthesis 33 - Autumn 2017Fine Press Book Association1998-
0001479Parenthesis 34 - Spring 2018Fine Press Book Association1998-
0001480Parenthesis 35 - Autumn 2018Fine Press Book Association1998-
0001474Parenthesis 36 - Spring 2019Fine Press Book Association1998-
0001022Parenthesis 36 - Spring 2020Fine Press Book Association2020
0001477Parenthesis 37 - Autumn 2019Fine Press Book Association1998-
0001476Parenthesis 39 - Autumn 2020Fine Press Book Association1998-
0001478Parenthesis 41 - Autumn 2021Fine Press Book Association1998-
0001475Parenthesis 42 - Spring 2022Fine Press Book Association1998-
0001473Parenthesis 43 - Autumn 2022Fine Press Book Association1998-
0001472Parenthesis 44 - Spring 2023Fine Press Book Association1998-
0000518Philobiblon Eine Zeitschrift fur Bucherliebhaber; ViII. 1934 Heft 4Herbert Reichner1934
0000161Pictorial Archive of Printer's Ornaments From the Renaissance to the 20th CenturyDover Publications19809780486239446
0000580Platen - Handbook of the International Small Printers' AssociationInternational Small Printers' Association1964
0000736Practical Methods of Photo-engravingEmploying Photo-Engravers Association of America1925-
0000737Practical Methods of Photo-engravingEmploying Photo-Engravers Association of America1925-
0001145Printers, Pedlars, Sailors, Nuns9781916142428
0000762Printing and Publishing The Times1948
0001260Printing and the mind of manMessrs F.W. Bridges & Sons Ltd. and The Association of British Manufacturers of Printers' Machinery (Proprietary) Ltd.1963
0001065Printing in the Twentieth CenturyThe Times Publishing Company Ltd.1930
0000023Printing MetalsThe Foundries1936
0000685Printing patents. Abridgements of patent specifications relating to printing, 1617-1857.Printing Historical Society19699780900003004
0001425Printing Reproduction Pocket Pal
0000769Printing Type Specimens - Miller & RichardMiller & Richard1932
0001107Printing Types1948
0001209Printing TypesStephenson, Blake & Co. Ltd1937
0000468Profit for Printers or What is "Cost"?Federation of Master Printers and Allied Trades1907
0000787Progress of British Newspapers in the 19th Century IllustratedSimpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co Ltd1901
0000559Proof Correction and Copy Preparation. BS 1219:1958British Standards Institution1958
0001456Public HealthRutgers University Pressc2008-9780813542317
0000355Publishing Agreements - A Book of PrecedentsGeorge Allen & Unwin19849780046550165
0000578Riscatype Pocketbook of TypefacesRiscatype
0000711Rules Rolls and Records of the Double Crown ClubDouble Crown Club1980
0001412Senate House Library, University of London9781857598124
0001328Some Ludlow TypefacesLudlow Typograph Company1960
0000790Spare Parts List for Monotype Composition and Rule CastersThe Monotype Corporation Limited1960
0001048Specimen BookMoorgate typesetting Co. Ltd1955
0001215Specimen Book of Monotype Printing Types, Borders, Ornaments and RulesThe Monotype Corporation Limited1948
0001305Specimens of Book, Newspaper, Jobbing and Ornamental TypesMiller and Richardc.1865
0001271Specimens of wood typeH.W. Caslon & Co. Ltd.
0000699St Bride Catalogue1919
0000859Standard Printing Paper SizesThe Monotype Corporation Limited
0001250Stanley MorisonThe trustees of the British Museum19719780714103297
0001146Street Literature and the Circulation of Songs9781916142404
0001423Style BookG.P. Publications19959781869561239
0001185Style of the HouseJames Upton Ltd
0001495Tabular Composition on a 'Monotype' KeyboardThe Monotype Corporation Limited
0001331Ten Modern New Zealand PoetsLongman Paul19749780582687950
0000917The "Monotype" Super Caster Instruction BookThe Monotype Corporation Limited
0001365The "Monotype" Super Caster Instruction Book
0000465The 'Monotype' Keyboard Operator's ManualThe National Committee of Monotype Users' Associations1950
0000616The 'Monotype' Keyboard Operator's ManualThe National Committee of Monotype Users' Associations1958
0000464The 'Monotype' Super Caster ManualThe National Committee of Monotype Users' Associations1953
0000773The Association of British Manufacturers of Printers MachineryThe Association of British Manufacturers of Printers Machinery1950
0000760The Bank of England Printing WorksThe Bank of England1957
0000704The book of Sir Thomas MoreV. Ridler1961
0001017The British Book TradeBritish Library20089780712349574
0000814The Chatto Book of Nonsense PoetryChatto & Windus19889780701137212
0000972The Crystal Palace Exhibition Illustrated CatalogueDover Publications Inc19709780486225036
0000031The Faber Book of AphorismsFaber and Faber19709780571060139
0000592The History of PrintingThe Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge1855
0001406The Influence of D.F. McKenzieMerchiston Publishing20109780955356155
0001560The Jest BookMacmillan1865
0001464The Journal of William Morris Studies - Vol. XXIV 1-2William Morris Society2002-
0000562The Library - The Transactions of the Bibliographical Society Vol 15 No 3The Bibliographical Society Society and Oxford University Press2014
0000561The Library - The Transactions of the Bibliographical Society Vol 16 No 1The Bibliographical Society Society and Oxford University Press2015
0001210The Mechanism of the "Monotype" KeyboardThe Lanston Monotype Corporation, Limited1920
0001202The Monotype Keyboard Operator's ManualThe National Committee of Monotype Users' Associatians1950
0001042The New Cultural HistoryUniversity of California Pressc1989
0000764The Original Heidelberg Cylinder 21" x 28" Operation ManualHeidelberg1963
0001335The Oxford Book of Contemporary Verse, 1945-1980Oxford University Press19809780192141088
0001529The Oxford Classical DictionaryClarendon Press19709780198691174
0001076The Oxford Dictionary of QuotationsOxford University Press19799780192115607
0001170The Oxford History of New Zealand Literature in EnglishOxford University Press19919780195582116
0001418The Pentagram PapersChronicle Books2006
0001410The Printmakers of Atelier 17Austin/Desmond Contemporary Books[1989]
0001231The Private Press TodaySt Bride Foundation2015
0000066The Process Engraver's CompendiumFederation of master process engravers[1932?
0000735The Process Engraver's CompendiumFederation of master process engravers[1932?
0000738The Process Engraver's CompendiumFederation of master process engravers[1932?
0000063The Riscatype Catalogue of Popular TypefacesYendall & Company][ca. 1
0001270The Riscatype Catalogue of Popular TypefacesYendall & Company][ca. 1
0001400The Story of PaperFederation of Master Printers1950
0000071The Studio Book of AlphabetsStudio Publications[1953]
0001089The Victorian Countryside Vol. 2Routledge & Kegan Paul19819780710007353
0001251The Western type bookHamish Hamilton1970
0000177Three Hundred Illustrations with Scripture TextsW.H. Broom & Rouse1886
0000158Treasury Of Book Ornament And DecorationDover Publications19869780486251677
0001025Type and TypesettingAdana (Printing Machines) Ltd.1969
0000037Type for BooksCory, Adams & Mackay1965
0001205Type for BooksThe Bodley Head19769780370113098
0000701Typeface nomenclatureBritish Standards Institution1958
0000590Types on Anglo-American point-systemType-Foundry D. Stempel AG1960
0001443Typography NowInternos Books19919780904866902
0001109V&A PatternV&Ac2009
0000160Victorian Frames, Borders, And Cuts From The 1882 Type Catalog Of George Bruce's Son And CoDover Publications19769780486233208
0000175Victorian Frames, Borders, And Cuts From The 1882 Type Catalog Of George Bruce's Son And CoDover Publications19769780486233208
0000913Victorian Print MediaOxford University Press20059780199270378
0000904Victorian Printing MachinesPlymouth College of Art & Design1972
0000159Victorian Spot Illustrations, Alphabets, And Ornaments From Porret's Type CatalogDover Publications19829780486242712
0001424Vocabularium BibliothecariiUNESCO1953
0001164William MorrisPhilip Wilson1996
0000190William Morris: Ornamentation And Illustrations From The Kelmscott ChaucerDover Publications19739780486229706
0001165William Morris: Ornamentation and Illustrations From the Kelmscott ChaucerDover[1973]9780486229706

0000195Bookbinding: A Step-by-step GuideAbbott, KathyCrowood20109781847971531
0001072Plagiarizing the Victorian NovelAbraham, Adam9781108675406
0000916Ackermann's OxfordAckermann, RudolphPenguin1954
0000647A ledger of Charles Ackers, printer of The London MagazineAckers, CharlesPublished for the Oxford Bibliographical Society by the Oxford U.P1968
0000836A Ledger of Charles Ackers - Printer of the London MagazineAckers, CharlesThe Oxford University Press1968
0001506ChattertonAckroyd, Peter
0001304The House of Kitcat.Adams, JohnG. & J. Kitcat Ltd.1948
0001323Mark LemonAdrian, Arthur ALondon1966
0001451Mark LemonAdrian, Arthur A
0001023The Printed BookAldis, Harry Gidney
0001203The Printed BookAldis, Harry Gidney1951
0001291Designer's Guide to TypographyAldrich-Ruenzel; Fennell, John (ed.)Phaidon1991
0001081Writers On WritingAllen, Walter ErnestPhoenix House[1948]
0000995The English Common ReaderAltick, Richard DUniversity of Chicago Press[1957]
0001013The Printed Image and the Transformation of Popular Culture, 1790-1860Anderson, PatriciaClarendon Press19919780198112365
0000551Papermaking PioneersAngus, John H.New Zealand Paper Mills Limited1976
0001522The Roman Cookery BookApicius, Marcus GaviusGeorge Harrap & Co Ltd1958
0000289Printing Ink TechnologyApps, Ernest ArthurLeonard Hill (Books) Ltd1958
0000910Farmworkers in England and WalesArmstrong, AlanIowa State University Press19889780813800028
0001284Robert Estienne, Royal PrinterArmstrong, ElizabethCambridge University Press1954
0000396Ink on PaperArnold, Edmund C.Harper & Row, New York1963
0000921Unpublished Letters of William Morris - Labour Monthly Pamphlet: 1951 No 6Arnot, R. Page (ed.)The Trinity Trust Ltd
0001078Do You Want It Good Or Do You Want It Tuesday ?Artmonsky, RuthArtmonsky Arts[2012]
0001079Moving the Hearts and Minds of MenArtmonsky, Ruth
0001401A History of the Canterbury Master Printers' Association, 1889-1989Arts, A. E. JPrinting Industries Association of Canterbury1989
0000461Landfall 210: 'the mouth of beasts'Ascroft, Nick (ed.)Otago University Press20059781877276897
0000749Chap-books of the Eighteenth CenturyAshton, JohnSeven Dials Press Ltd19699780851290300
0001086Victorian BloomsburyAshton, RosemaryYale University Press20129780300154474
0001372The Industrial Revolution, 1760-1830Ashton, T. SOxford University Press1948
0000147Operation And Mechanism Of The Linotype And IntertypeAshworth, JackStaples Press1955
0000498Art and Practice of Printing, The (6 vols)Atkins, WilliamSir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd1933
0000602Art and Practice of Printing, The (6 vols)Atkins, WilliamSit Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd1932
0000004The Art and Practice of PrintingAtkins, WilliamSir. I. Pitman & sons, ltd1932-3
0001346Ausonius - Loeb Classical Library No 96Ausonius, Decimus MagnusHarvard University Press1919-1
0000236Printers' ArithmeticAvis, F. C[1971]9780211268468
0000767Printing Metals, Their Production, Nature and UseAvis, F. CCapper Pass & Son Ltd1932
0000474A Primary Course in Printers' CostingAvis, F. C.F. C. Avis1951
0000411Edward Philip Prince - Type PunchcutterAvis, F. C.F. C. Avis19679780571089659
0000768Printers' ArithmeticAvis, F. C.The Leagrave Press Ltd1949
0000585Printing Machine and Paper ProblemsAvis, F. C.F. C. Avis1950
0000124Type Face ManualAvis, Frederick Compton1959
0001536Guardian; Biography of A NewspaperAyerst, DavidCollins19719780002113298

0000415Frank Sidgewick's DiaryBaer, Ann (ed.)Blackwell for the Shakespeare Head Press19759780900659263
0000166Street JewelleryBaglee, ChristopherNew Cavendish Books19789780904568165
0000816Routing - A Workshop HandbookBailey, AnthonyGuild of Master Craftsman Publications20019781861082077
0001161John SharpeBain, IainPrivate Libraries Association20219780900002496
0000052Penguin By DesignBaines, PhilAllen Lane20059780713998399
0000038William Caslon, 1693-1766Ball, JohnsonRoundwood Press19739780900093135
0001333Mathematical Recreations and EssaysBall, W. W. RouseMacmillan1947
0001103The Cambridge University Press Collection of Private Press TypesBalston, Thomas
0000424The Craft of BookbindingBanister, ManlyDover19939780486278520
0000715The print production handbookBann, DavidMacdonald1986, 9780356107882
0000771The Print Production HandbookBann, DavidMacdonald Illustrated19859780356107882
0001176Arks for LearningBarber, GilesOxford Bibliographical Society19959780901420510
0000739The Sun Compendium for Users of Photo-process Engraving ... Compiled and edited by T. S. BarberBARBER, Thomas SSun Engraving Co1929
0000934British Birds - K1Barclay-Smith, PhyllisThe King Penguin Books1939
0000940Garden Birds - K19Barclay-Smith, PhyllisThe King Penguin Books1946
0000662Victorian ShoppingBaren, MauriceMichael O'Mara19989781854793027
0000024Stanley MorisonBarker, NicolasHarvard University Press19729780674834255
0000028Stanley Morison, 1889-1967Barker, NicolasCowell19699780902304000
0000788Visible VoicesBarker, NicolasCarcanet Press20169781847772121
0000499Computer Typesetting - Experiments and ProspectsBarnett, Michael P.The M.I.T. Press1965
0000775Aldus and his Dream BookBarolini, HelenItalica Press19929780934977227
0001281The Officina BodoniBarr, JohnThe British Library19789780714103983
0000718A Farewell to Fleet StreetBarson, Susie; Saint, AndrewHistoric Buildings and Monuments Commission for England in association with Allison & Busby19889780850319712
0000987Futurist Typography and the liberated textBartram, AlanBritish Library20059780712348867
0000631Printing Types of the World Bastien, Alfred; Freshwater, G. J.Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd 1931
0000489Through the WoodsBates, H. E.Victor Gollancz Ltd1936
0000689The Printing and Making of BooksBatey, CharlesOxford University Press1956,
0000690The Printing and Making of BooksBatey, CharlesOxford University Press1954
0001366The Printing and Making of BooksBatey, CharlesOxford University Press1956,
0000563Christina Rossetti - A Divided LifeBattiscombe, GeorginaConstable & Company Ltd19819780094619500
0001122L'effet GutenbergBaudin, FernandEditions du Cercle de la Librairiec19949782765405559
0000962Writing Local HistoryBeckett, J. VManchester University Press2007
0000019Wood EngravingBeedham, R. JohnFaber and Faber Limited1921
0000929The Poets' Corner - K12Beerbohm, MaxThe King Penguin Books1943
0001278Eye witness of an EraBell, Anthony1981
0001084Elders and BettersBell, QuentinMurray19959780719554346
0000508Virginia Woolf - Vol 1Bell, QuentinThe Hogarth Press19669780701202910
0000509Virginia Woolf - Vol 2Bell, QuentinThe Hogarth Press19669780701203719
0000705A Moral AlphabetBelloc, HilaireDuckworth19739780715607503
0001177On the PressBelson, MickRobert Boyd Publications20039781899536696
0001428Aubrey Beardsley, An Account of His LifeBenkovitz, Miriam JHamish Hamilton19819780241103821
0000965The British Worker - Photographs of Working Life 1839-1939Bennet, Nicola (ed.)Arts Council of Great Britain19819780728702806
0001153The Dublin Book Trade 1801-1850Benson, CharlesThe Bibliographcal Society20219780948170256
0001113Electronic Synthesiser ProjectsBerry, M. KBabani19819780859340564
0000548The Encylopaedia of Type FacesBerry, W. Turner; Johnson, A.F.;Jaspert, W. P. (ed.)Blandford Press1962
0000535Encyclopaedia of Type FacesBerry, William Turner. [from old catalog]Blandford Press1953
0001092John Betjeman's Collected PoemsBetjeman, JohnHodder & Stoughton19899780719519376
0000015The Art of the BookBettley, JamesV&A Publications20019781851773336
00000161800 Woodcuts By Thomas Bewick and His SchoolBewick, ThomasDoverc1962
0000025My LifeBewick, ThomasFolio Society1981
0000011An Approach to TypeBiggs, John RBlandford Press1961
0000698Basic TypographyBiggs, John RFaber19739780571085873
0000077The Craft of WoodcutsBiggs, John RSterling Pub. Co[1963]
0001157The Use of TypeBiggs, John RBlandford Press1954
0000577An Approach to TypeBiggs, John R.Blandford Press1961
0000538Illustration and ReproductionBiggs, John R.Blandford Press1950
0000680A bibliography of printing, compiled by E.C. Bigmore and C.W.H. Wyman. Repr. [in facs.]Bigmore, Edward Clements1969
0001569The Reign of Elizabeth, 1558-1603Black, J. BClarendon Press1959
0001441Cambridge University Press, 1584-1984Black, MichaelCambridge University Press19849780521264730
000016820th Century TypeBlackwell, LewisLaurence King20049781856693516
0001010The Biography and Typography of William Caxton, England's First PrinterBlades, WilliamMuller19719780584109160
0000844The Stationers' Company - A History 1403-1959Blagden, CyprianAllen and Unwin1960
0000183Caxton: England's First PublisherBlake, N. F.Osprey19769780850451061
0001253Type specimensBlake, StephensonThe Caslon Letter Foundry Sheffield1953
0000302The Illustrations of William Blake for Thornton's VirgilBlake, WilliamNonesuch Press1937
0000950William BlakeBlake, WilliamPenguin Books1958
0001547Printing From Type On High-speed PlatensBlaker, W. A. JT. C. Thompson & Son Ltd1957
0001546Printing in Colour On High-speed PlatensBlaker, W. A. JT. C. Thompson & Son Ltd1957
0000622A History of Book IllustrationBland, DavidFaber and Faber Limited1958
0001217A History of Book IllustrationBland, DavidFaber and Faber[1958]
0000617The Illustration of BooksBland, DavidFaber and Faber1962
0000709Some Aspects of Seventeenth Century English Printing With Special Reference to Joseph MoxonBliss, Carey SWilliam Andrews Clark Memorial Library, University of California1965
0000822A Celebration of Ben JonsonBlissett, William;Patrick, Julian; Van Fossen, R.W. (ed.)University of Toronto Press1973
0001511Keats's PublisherBlunden, E. CJ. Cape[1936]
0000510Cockerell - A Life of Sydney Carlyle Cockerell {1867-1962}Blunt, WilfredAlfred A Knopf1965
0000530Journal of the Printing Historical Society No 21 2014Bolton, Claire (ed.)Printing Historical Society20149770079532009
0000781The Fifteenth-Century Practices of Johann Zainer, ULM, 1473-1478Bolton, ClaireThe Oxford Bibliographical Society20169780901420596
0001299The Fifteenth-Century Practices of Johann Zainer, ULM, 1473-1478Bolton, ClaireThe Oxford Bibliographical Society20169780901420596
0000996English MelodramaBooth, Michael RH. Jenkins[1965]
0001195The English Urban RenaissanceBorsay, PeterClarendon Press
0000106The Essential Fleet StreetBoston, RayBlandford19909780713721362
0001437BirkbeckBourke, Joanna9780192846631
0000780English Newspapers: Chapters in the history of journalism 2 volumesBourne, FoxChatto & Windus1887
0001393Industrial Society in England Towards the End of the Eighteenth CenturyBowden, WittThe Macmillan Company1925
0000470Printing Theory and Practice - No 03 - Mechanical TypesettingBower, W. M.;Mitchell, C.; Pheby, E.; Waite, H. E.Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd1947
0000162Catchpenny PrintsBowles & CarverDover Publications, Inc20119780486225692
0000040The Adventure of EnglishBragg, MelvynHodder & Stoughton20039780340829912
0001124The Reading LessonBrantlinger, PatrickIndiana University Pressc19989780253212498
0001058Basic Lathework (Workshop Practice): 45Bray, StanSpecial Interest Model20109781854862617
0001411An Engraver's ProgressBrett, SimonOblong Creative20139780957599208
0000390EngraversBrett, SimonSilent Books19879781851830039
0000810Engravers - A Handbook For the NinetiesBrett, SimonSilent Books19879781851830039
0000401Wood EngravingBrett, SimonA. & C. Black Publishers Ltd20109781408127261
0000809Wood EngravingBrett, SimonA. & C. Black20009781408127261
0000092An Approach To Print: A Basic Guide To The Printing ProcessesBrewer, RoyBlandford Press19719780713705317
0000119Eric Gill; The Man Who Loved LettersBrewer, RoyF. Muller19739780584103519
0000564Printing with Wood Blocks, Stencils & EngravingsBridgewater, Alan & GillDavid & Charles19839780715383094
0000288A History of Longmans and Their Books 1724-1990: Longevity in PublishingBriggs, AsaBritish Library / Oak Knoll Press20089780712348737
0000335Essays in the History of PublishingBriggs, Asa (ed.)Longman19749780582365216
0001388Victorian CitiesBriggs, AsaOdhams Press[c1963
0000053The Elements of Typographic StyleBringhurst, RobertHartley & Marks, Publishersc20049780881791327
0000546An Alphabet of LondonBrown, ChristopherMerrell Publishers Limited20129781858945736
0000600An Alphabet of LondonBrown, ChristopherMerrell Publishers Ltd20129781858945736
0000898Victorian News and NewspapersBrown, LucyClarendon Press19859780198226246
0000998Victorian News and NewspapersBrown, LucyClarendon Press19859780198226246
0000515Etching & EngravingBuckland-Wright, JohnThe Studio Publications1953
0000192Photo-engravingBull, A. JE. Arnold & co1934
0001066The Story of the National Union of Printing, Bookbinding and Paper WorkersBundock, Clement JPrinted at the University Press1959
0000495Colour Printing and Colour PrintersBurgh, R. M.Paul Harris Publishing19839780862280123
0000700Printing itBurke, CliffordBallantine Books[1972]9780345026941
0000834The Social History of LanguageBurke, Peter (ed.)Cambridge University Press19879780901420091
0000976Printing Theory and Practice - No 09 - Printing InksBurns, R.Sit Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd1946
0000050Practical Guide to Photographic & Photo-mechanical PrintingBurton, W. KMarion and Co1892
0000334Copy-EditingButcher, JudithCambridge University Press19759780521205504
0000754Copy-EditingButcher, JudithCambridge University Press19759780521205504
0001336Selected PoetryByron, George Gordon ByronOxford University Press20089780199538782

0000506Logo Font & Lettering BibleCabarga, LeslieDavid & Charles20049780715316993
0001554Caesar - The Gallic War - Loeb Classical Library No 72Caesar, JuliusHarvard University Press20149780674990807
0001056Milling Operations in the Lathe (Workshop Practice): 5Cain, TubalArgus Booksc19849780852428405
0001059Workholding in the Lathe (Workshop Practice): 13Cain, TubalArgus19879780852429082
0000846The Bookshop BookCampbell, Jen9781472116666
0001351The Compositor in LondonCannon, Isidore CyrilSt Bride Library20119780950416175
0000485The Seven Lives of John Murray - The story of a Publishing DynastyCarpenter, HumphreyJohn Murray20089780719565328
0000717A view of early typography up to about 1600Carter, Harry GrahamClarendon Press19699780198181378
0001200A view of early typography up to about 1600Carter, Harry GrahamClarendon Press19699780198181378
0000744Orlando JewittCarter, Harry GrahamOxford University Press1962
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